Road to IELTS privacy policy

This policy describes how we save data about you, what we do with it and how you can change this if you want to.

1. General personal details

When you start using Road to IELTS you are providing some or all the following details to us: your name, an id, your email address, a password, your IELTS test date and test centre and whether you want the Academic or General Training module. We save all this data in our database and use it to identify you when you log in to Road to IELTS. We will use the email address if you ask us to remind you of a forgotten password, or if you contact our support helpdesk with a problem, or if you request support emails (this feature is yet to be activated).

If you have purchased Road to IELTS yourself, we might also send you extra IELTS information during your subscription, and renewal reminders towards the end of it. Once your subscription is over, we might contact you suggesting other services that Clarity can offer you. We do not know your actual IELTS test result or anything about your test other than the date that you tell us you will take it.

2. Progress records

After login, we read all your progress records to show you what you have done in the past. We record the time that you start using Road to IELTS until you stop. We also record each time you start an activity, such as watching a video or reading an eBook. When you complete an interactive exercise, we also record your score. We do not record your actual answers, just a score and duration for each exercise.

If your licence has been purchased by a school for you, all this progress information may be available to teachers in the school through a reporting program. If your licence was through the British Council or your purchased it yourself, the progress information will not be used until it has been anonymised and then only for overall statistics.

3. Who has access to your details

If your licence has been purchased by a school for you, they will have entered all the personal details about you. We additionally make the progress records available to the school. The British Council is given access to anonymised and aggregated statistics about usage of Road to IELTS.

We might also give the same anonymised progress statistics to an academic research project, but this would not include your personal details, just dates and countries. No other party is given access to any of the details that can identify you or the progress you make in Road to IELTS.

4. How long do we keep the data?

For licences through a school, we only delete data if the school terminates the subscription. Otherwise it is up to the school teachers to remove your user information when you leave the school or course.

For licences through the British Council, we remove your personal information as soon as your subscription terminates. It will continue to exist in back-up copies of the database for 1 year.

For licences that you purchase yourself, we keep your data active for 1 year after the subscription finishes.

5. What can you do to change any of this?

If you have a personal subscription, we can remove or change any of your details at any time. Please just send an email to us and we will confirm your identity.

If you have a school licence, please contact your school to remove or change your details.

If you have a British Council licence, we can remove your account if you request it, but we can't change details as these are usually provided to us direct from a British Council system. We can't remove your progress records once they have been anonymised.